Monday, October 7, 2013

Beliefs - Right or wrong?

How can I believe what I believe and tell others that what they believe is wrong?

When I was a young student of philosophy, my profs loved it when we started asking questions like this.  But once you get past the existential drama, and the multitude of schools of thought, from the pre-socratics to modern day self-exploration and whiny self-indulgence, you are still left with the question.  The question being:  If I am right, and if my rightness includes the fact that others are also right, then how can others be wrong?  Or am I wrong?  But that being the case, I am not, actually right.
It’s enough to make your head spin and to bring your lunch up…

Is it important to be right?  To me, it has always been my need.  I’ve always needed to know the “truth”; be in the know, etc…
I have always needed to be one of the “Inner Circle”.  Privy to the secrets…
But the more secrets I became privy to, the more I have come to realize, that the vast majority of those secrets are mere smokescreens.
“DO NOT LOOK AT THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAINS”, is bellowed in the Wizard of Oz.
So, when you’ve seen behind the curtains, and you’ve been where Dorothy’s been, should you tell her?  Is she willing to hear what you have to say?
Probably not.
But it’s up to us to try anyway.
We have to try and help her.  No matter what.

So, I believe what I believe.  And what I believe is that I am required to help people no matter what/how/when.  I am also required to love them, and not judge them.  No matter what.
I am required to give, share, love, care and teach. 
I cannot judge.
It’s not easy.  I’m not that worthy.  I’m not that competent.
What I can do, easily, is love.  So, I guess I’ll start with that.  I will love.

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