Sunday, April 19, 2015

Strenghts vs Weaknesses

So, as a leader, what is your focus?

Do you conduct an annual review of your teams, and point out where they did great, and their areas of "opportunity"?
Is that "Area of Opportunity" your focus?

Who do you spend the majority of your time on?  Your TOP performers, or your problematic or weakest team members?

Conventional wisdom tells us to work on improving upon on our weaknesses.  So that would mean you should focus on your weaker team members... Sound right to you?

Here's my logic:

If we focus on weaknesses, endeavoring to improve upon what we're not good at, we take poor performance, and, in a perfect world, improve upon that to get it up to a mediocre level.  (We will never improve a weakness to a strength.)
So we go from weak to mediocre.

Is this how you manage your teams?

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