Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Wonder Woman Syndrome

I was over at a very good friend’s house this week and we were talking about Women’s ministries.  Sadly, at our church, there are none.  Most of the women there just support each other as best they can. 

It’s clear that women need the fellowship of other women.  This is proven by the popularity of Sororities, of Women’s groups, Fraternal Organizations like the Daughters of the Nile, the Daughters of Isabella, Girl Scouts and many others.  (Men have the same need too, by the way, which is why they have their own.)  Sometimes we just need to be in the company of our own gender.  It doesn’t mean that we’re keeping secrets or hiding things from our spouses.  It just means that we are comforted to know that others are like us, that we are all facing the same challenges. 

Over the next little while, let’s talk about some of those challenges that many women face.

First off:  We try to be/do everything for everyone.

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The Wonder Woman Syndrome.

Have you ever felt angry at yourself for not having a perfect house, a perfect family, a perfect job, a perfect body and a perfect social life?  Do you suffer from Wonder Woman syndrome?

How much of the following can you identify with?
  • Our lives are ruled by our Agenda or DayTimer?
  • We demand more of ourselves than we do of anyone else around us.  We try to be everything for everyone. 
  • We feel that our home should be impeccably clean and fashionably decorated; mostly with things we’ve crafted/created ourselves.
  • We expect to be able to take our kids to all their extra-curricular activities, be involved and still get everything else done.
  • The reflection in the mirror makes us seriously consider getting up at 5am or earlier to go workout an extra hour or two.
  • We spend a fortune on skin care products to hide the fact that we don’t get enough rest.
  • We are driven with the need to get a raise, better job, make more money.
  • We try to take care of our kids, our spouse, our parents and our friends all at the same time.
  • We worry if we volunteer enough.
  • Anytime anyone asks us to help with a bake sale, Fundraiser, or such, we can never say no.
  • It’s midnight, and we’re in the kitchen cooking because we can’t show up at the potluck empty-handed
  • Being double or triple-booked is normal.
  • Weekend?  What weekend?
What do you mean I’m not Wonder Woman?

Anyone who knows me well will tell you that I can rock a pair of killer red boots like nobody’s business!

But Linda Carter can keep the Wonder Woman boots.

What happens when we try to be Wonder Woman?  We get burnt out, we drop the ball and we miss out important events.  We disappoint our loved ones and ourselves.  The more we try to take upon ourselves, the greater the chances we will drop something.

The greatest challenge women face today is learning to prioritize.  We need to learn to differentiate between what matters and what doesn’t.  But no one can tell you what matters and what doesn’t.  It’s a very personal thing.
For one person, letting the dust gather on the knickknacks for another week is perfectly acceptable, if it means being able to go out and run every day.
For another, having a spotless house is essential, because it’s always filled with family and friends.
We have to remember, and remind each other, that we are allowed to say NO!  That it’s ok not to participate in everything.  Nobody’s perfect. 

What we need to learn to do is to choose the things we’re ready to let drop, and to hold on to what really matters to us.

Do you identify with the Wonder Woman Syndrome?  Tell us about it.  
What have you done to try to keep afloat?  Do you have any additions to make to the list above?

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  1. Sooo true. We put so much pressure on ourselves. And sometimes instead of supporting each other we compete. We compare ourselves. We have to realize that in order to take care of our families we need to take care of ourselves. And support each other.