Monday, March 18, 2013

Welcome and introduction

Hello Leaders,

Welcome to the first post on this Blog about Values-Based Leadership for Women.  This is a topic that has fascinated me for a very long time.  How can we balance leadership and success with strong values, convictions and Faith?
Is it possible?
Of course!  We are capable of more than we think.  There are many of us who have an unfortunate tendency to undervalue ourselves.  We feel that we have to "settle".  This is not true.  There are many examples of women who have achieved success without compromising what they believe in.  I won't get into them right now, but perhaps in a later post we can explore the topic of Inspirational Women.
You've surely noticed by now that I mention Faith, and that my profile shows that I am a Christian.  That is my true belief.  I have not always followed that path, but I do now.  However, if your beliefs are different, that's fine.  Your own Values and Faith belong to you.  What I aim to do here, is to show how you can still be a successful Leader while remaining true to what is important to YOU.  (Not what's important to ME!)

It is true that our world is one filled with corruption, crime, deceit, lies and cheating.  An accountant once told me that it was "necessary" to cheat on your taxes, otherwise you lose money.  Wow.  That blew me away.
It is also true that our world is filled with honesty, integrity, beauty, love, compassion, truth and sincerity.  But it just doesn't make for good headline news, so we are rarely exposed to those things. 

It's up to us to choose.  What will we focus upon?

It's not easy when you're trying to "Get Ahead" and you wish to remain true to your values.  Whether you're climbing the corporate ladder, or just trying to achieve something modest, you will face some pretty difficult decisions.  You will make mistakes.  You will need advice, support and inspiration.

I hope that this site will help.  I welcome your comments.  I would be delighted if you would share the challenges you face.  Perhaps, as a community, we can all become better equipped to overcome them.

Have a terrific day!


  1. Great idea, Tammy. I will be forwarding the address for this blog to some of the women in our corporation.

  2. WOW Tammy!


    I am surrounded by sucessful women with Epicure Selections. I'll share your blog's address with them so they can share their journey with us.


  3. How wonderful to see you sharing your ideas! I'm looking forward to reading more, and I've added you to my Following. :)